Honest Websites Are Easy to Admire

Everyone is trying to sell something online. There is so much blatantly false information and raw spam out there that it is not even funny. Even among legitimate sites, things are just so polished and glossed over. That is why I was shocked the other day to discover an honest website, one done by Cloudlight Studios. I had been searching for a place here in the Nashville area to do family photography when I discovered their website. I was expecting yet another bunch of perfect images representing their portfolio of their best work I was wrong.

I understand why photographers and studios put up portfolios of their best work, because you always want to put your best foot forward. However, you also know that when you go to most portrait places that they have to take dozens of shots to find those gems. Still, nothing dishonest, but just how it goes.

Cloudlight’s website was different. Instead of having a portfolio up of their best shots, they had up a portfolio of several different shoots. They openly admitted they wanted us to be able to see what kinds of overall images and quality we could expect from getting a shoot with them. I found this to be strikingly different and refreshingly candid, as compared to most photo studios. Again, I am not speaking ill of other studios, they just follow a good advertising standard I do myself in my line of work. But Cloudlight took it a step further in terms of being up front about how good they are with a camera.

I knew that if I had Cloudlight Studios do my family photos, we would not spend an hour holding our smiles while the photographer took fifty million shots. That is important to me, because my kids will just not stay still that long.

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