Buy Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote Shutter Release

I was looking at apps to make smartphone cameras more functional when I started to think of what kind of hardware there was out there to use with them. I found all kinds of neat stuff when I looked to buy Selfie Stick stuff a friend mentioned. He said he uses a telescoping tube called a Selfie Stick that is sort of like a multiple use monopod. It is cool in that it is mainly used to get your smartphone out away from your body to take better selfies. It has a thing that grips your smartphone that uses a standard tripod screw mount to attach it to the metal telescoping tube.

The tube itself has a foam handle that makes it easy to hold the camera phone steady. The only problem with the older ones was having to use the voice activated shutter on a smartphone or the self timer. Now there is a Bluetooth shutter remote that you can get when you buy Selfie Stick gifts for yourself or someone else. I think we will start to see a whole lot more of these in use when people are using smartphones to capture images. I can see a pro use for them too. A lot of pros are using smartphones to grab some really cool shots.

With all of the hardware I found to go with smartphone cameras from lenses to filters and rigs to hold them, I think the Selfie Stick shows the most promise as a tool you would use the most often with a camera phone whether you are a kid or pro photographer. If you are going to give them to kids for Christmas, you should get them for the adults in the house too. Once people see them, they are going to want their own. Then they will get all creative in taking cool looking selfies.

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